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The Cutting Edge News

Saoslamer, Mar 22, 12 9:42 AM.
Hello everyone and once again I would like to welcome you to The Cutting Edge! Our numbers has greatly increased and more will start to come due to a server merge with Zikel!! If you haven't already heard our server will be called Tiamat after the merge to restore balance to the servers. =) Please read the website for more info or read below. Once again welcome and I look forward to seeing you in the wonderful world of Aion!!

Server Merge 3/28/2012

Greetings Daevas!

As you know one of the defining features of Aion is the ability of both the Elyos and the Asmodians to engage in martial contests for vast tracts of Atreia. As the game and Daevas have evolved a clear imbalance has take hold on some servers preventing the all-important PvP activity which everyone enjoys.

As a result NCsoft has decided to take action in the near future to remedy this state of affairs!

On March 28, 2012 we will merge the populations of the Zikel and Vaizel servers. The new server will be named “Tiamat” after the last of the ascended Dragon Lords. It is our hope that this new server is as powerful and resilient as it’s namesake.

All the servers will be set to Central Time for the time being. After we launch Aion® 3.0 Truly Free, we intend to promptly gauge which of the server times need to be adjusted and to what times. Dredgion, Arena, and Fort Siege times will also be adjusted to allow for a diverse time zone player population. This updated schedule will be shared in the next few days.

Furthermore to ease the transition, Zikel players will be given the opportunity to change their character and legion names after the merge. A plastic surgery ticket will also be a part of this transition - these tickets will go out in a survey to Zikel players later today. You can choose a whole new identity if you want!

It is our priority to achieve the best balance between the Elyos and the Asmodians. This is our first step towards making that a reality! After the server merge, we will closely monitor account creation on all servers. Account creation of certain factions on certain servers may be limited or locked at times so that we can achieve and maintain racial balance. In the end we will not only be rewarded with a better PvP balance but a template for all of the other servers that will open within the lifetime of Aion: Ascension!

More specific information about the merge, the name changes, the server time changes and general questions can be found here.

The Cutting Edge News!

Saoslamer, Mar 5, 12 10:19 PM.
Hello everyone and welcome to The Cutting Edge! This a new legion and we are looking to greatly increase our numbers with the upcoming 3.0. It's coming up pretty quickly but lets not get discouraged shall we =). We will not leave anyone behind and I (Zenshiro) am always asking if anyone needs help. ^_^

    If you have any question please feel free to ask at anytime. We have no problems answering anyone questions about the game or its content. Everyone has to start somewhere so we really and truly understand. There is a section on the website called Library and it shows many Skills and Guides for all classes PvP/PvE. There are rift locations, stigma lists and crafting guides. It is some really useful information in that area. All in all I am still working on the website so more updates are soon to come.

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